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Professional Business Portraits | Melbourne Photographer

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Having a good quality business portrait is important to business people looking to convey a professional image of themselves and their company. Having good quality images that reflect your personality and the image of your business can be a great marketing tool. If you are sick of using the same images over and over for your Linked In, Facebook and other online profiles, maybe you should think about getting in touch!

business portraits lizzy c photography 0127 Professional Business Portraits | Melbourne Photographer

LinkedIn Professional Protraits

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Recently, we photographed John Farrow, an IT and business outcome delivery professional. He found Lizzy C Photography through every savvy professional’s favorite social media site: LinkedIn. He started off in his career writing operating systems, then moved across to the business and human side of projects and strategy development in financial services and technology. Now he is a specialist in technology leadership and business partnerships and boasts a set of transferable skills—a valuable commodity in today’s competitive market. We took photos mainly for his linkedin profile and website. It was important to John to have professional portraits which made him feel accessible to his large ranging client base, he later shared that he was really happy with our service, efficiency, and quality.

photographer melbourne 0200 LinkedIn Professional Protraits

Let’s talk Photography!

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Liz 1 300x200 Lets talk Photography! I don’t know if anyone is ever thrilled about the idea of public speaking and I don’t usually jump at the chance to speak in front of a group of people. But the more I think about it, the more excited I am about the opportunity to share what I am passionate about and what I’ve learnt with a group of my peers. Our industry body, the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) has asked me to host a small group of photographers for a bit of an informal chat at my new studio. I’m using the opportunity to talk about a few things I am passionate about and feel I’ve learnt along the way, which are innovative business, work life balance, and creating and building the business you want to build.


If you’d like to come along, it can be booked through the AIPP. You don’t have to be a photographer/AIPP member to come along either.

Date: Weds, Oct 30th

Time: 7pm for 7.15pm start

Location: 79 Ireland St, Melbourne West (buzz reception for entry)

Strictly limited places

Cost: $10 (student), $15 (member) and $25 (non-member)

Being a bit of a media tart ~ Lizzy C featured

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

So I have this other thing that I’m passionate about. People ask me about it all the time, even seeking out my advice. It gets me excited and I love to talk to others about how great it is, and suggest that maybe they should consider doing it too. I’m talking about running a business; being your own boss; combining your passion with a way of earning a living.

I was recently featured in Nett Magazine/Online Entrepreneur Magazine, in which I talk about running a business.

You can read the online article here


Untitled 1 Being a bit of a media tart ~ Lizzy C featured


Galerie Montmartre ~ Vintage Posters

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

These are some photographs I took for the lovely Galerie Montmartre. Gallerie Montmartre sells beautiful original vintage posters. They have a fantastic gallery warehouse type space in Fitzroy full of these fantastic posters and other gorgeous vintage details. Do pop in if you are in the area. The staff have an in depth knowledge of the origin, quirky details and history of the posters they stock. I can’t promise you won’t be tempted to snap one up for yourself though! We are the proud owners of two of these posters which we have prominently displayed in our home!


montemarte Galerie Montmartre ~ Vintage Posters

New Zealand Earthquake Editorial Images

Friday, January 28th, 2011

I love to travel, I love it when my work and travel come together. Sometimes I don’t mean for my work and travel to coincide but they do.

Last year I was in NZ for a ski holiday when Christchurch was hit by an earthquake. The earthquake was a magnitude of 7.4 and Christchurch was declared a state of emergency. The earthquake struck at 4:35am. The photos below are shoots I took that day.

The photographs were published in the December-January issue of Insurance and Risk Professional.

Despite living in Japan for a couple of years and feeling numerous earthquakes, I’d never seen or experienced anything like this before.  I was impressed at how quickly the recovery efforts started and how life seem to continue on.

NZmag2 New Zealand Earthquake Editorial Images

Bloom Cosmetics magazine feature and cover

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

One of the things I like about my job/chosen career path is that I meet people from all walks of life. I’ve photographed people in the community, politicians, celebrities, business leaders and even a president. But the people I often look most forward to photographing and feel most inspired by are the entrepreneurs who are just doing their thing .  I like hearing their stories. I appreciate how humble they can be.

Recently I met and photographed a feature in Latte Magazine for Emma Isaacs who is the entrepreneur behind Business Chicks.  A successful entrepreneur in her own right, she likes to shine the spotlight on other successful women carving a path in their own chosen profession.  The focus of the current issue is on Natalie Bloom from Bloom Cosmetics. Natalie has managed to build a very successful cosmetics company despite humble beginnings. And to top that, she is also one of the easiest, friendliest people to photograph and work with! Some people are just too awesome!

The images I shot for the magazine cover and feature are below…

And if you don’t mind, I might just toot my own trumpet a little, this is a testimonial Emma wrote about working with me on my linkedin profile:

“Lizzy does a great job of photographing those who’d rather be someplace else! We hired her for a shoot for the Business Chicks magazine, Latte and she was super professional and a delight to work with. Well done Lizzy and thanks so much.”

latte magazine Bloom Cosmetics magazine feature and cover

Fashion photography ~ Jewellery

Friday, September 10th, 2010

jewellery fashion photography3 Fashion photography ~ Jewellery

In the process of going through old shoots and getting them ready to archive I’ve realised there are heaps of photo shoots I never got a chance to blog. These images were taken for Look East Australia. Look East are a wholesaler for jewellery stores and boutiques around the world.

jewellery fashion photography2 Fashion photography ~ Jewellery

Interiour Venue Photography~ Hazeldene Yarra Valley

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Sorry, it’s been a bit quiet of late on the blog, I’ve just returned from overseas. But more about that later.

This shoot was for Hazeldene in the Yarra Valley. Hazeldene is a beautiful retreat in the Yarra Valley. It is very popular for weddings but Hazeldene wanted some photographs which also showcased their accommodation options and facilities for corporate clients. It’s a stunning property with heaps of nooks and crannies to enjoy the surroundings. I highly recommend you check it out! I am thinking it’s be perfect for Lizzy C’s next corporate retreat!

Thanks to Rachael for assisting me on this one.

hazeldene yarra valley Interiour Venue Photography~ Hazeldene Yarra Valley

See more photos from this shoot on the Hazeldene website

Commercial Portraits ~ Image Consultant

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Anne contacted me because she was starting a new business and needed some portraits of herself for her website and promotional materials. Anne is an image consultant. As soon as you meet Anne it is very clear that not only does she know her stuff but she is very passionate about what she does! In a nutshell, she works with people to understand what best colours and style they should wear so that you become more confident and comfortable with the image they present.

This is important because, as she states on her website social psychologists have determined that visual presence contributes 55% to the impression we make on other people.

Hint, this may also be a good reason to have great photographs on your website!!

consultant portrait Commercial Portraits ~ Image Consultant

Studley Park Boathouse ~ Restaurant, Food photographs and a Chef’s Portrait!

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

I love working with Studley Park Boathouse. It’s a beautiful restaurant and cafe on the banks of the Yarra. The staff are really friendly and they have great food. Recently they contacted me to take some photographs that the Age good food guide had requested.

studley park Studley Park Boathouse ~ Restaurant, Food photographs and a Chefs Portrait!

Australian Instistute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Victorian Awards

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

For many years I’ve been meaning to enter the AIPP photographic awards. Every year I’ve made excuses, but this year I said to myself “I’ve got to do it” – so I did! It’s a little bit intimidating for a first timer. Basically, you can enter prints into a variety of categories and these are then judged by five professional photographers. The judging is open to the public and the prints can be commented on or debated about. It’s actually a really interesting process to watch. It was inspiring to not only see some amazing images, but to also hear the opinions of five acclaimed photographers as well.

In the end I did really well! I was named

AIPP Victorian landscape photographer of the year

and was also awarded

highest scoring print in the landscape category!

I also scored a silver award for a wedding image. I have posted all of the winning images below.

awards Australian Instistute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Victorian Awards

silver award VPPY Australian Instistute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Victorian Awards

Fashion photography ~ Jewellery

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

I’ve been working on some images this morning for Look East Australia. So I thought I’d post an image… (more to come!) Look East are a wholesaler for jewellery stores and boutiques around the world.

Look East were the ideal client, really. They were open to ideas and suggestions but also had clear ideas of what they wanted to achieve and illustrate.  We worked together closely to make sure we had a brief that would ensure we would capture images which would appeal to their target market and illustrate the overall mood and feel of their brand.

The photo shoot was a sucess thanks to the following people: Rachael (My photographic assistant ), Amy (makeup), Paula (hair), Tori (Talent), Kelly and Louisa

jewellery fashion photography Fashion photography ~ Jewellery

Website and Marketing Images

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

You can’t help but smile when you talk to Bridget.  She has a lovely warm personality and is obviously passionate about what she does.  Bridget is the director of Fresh Green Clean.  Fresh Green Clean consult, educate and train organisations on green cleaning.  In the process of creating a new website, Bridget realised that she needed good quality professional images to portray her message and what she does to potential clients.  I did a range of photographs for Fresh Green Clean including Bridget’s profile photographs and images she can use on her website and promotional material to promote what she does clearly and concisely.  Because Brigid works closely with people as a consultant and as an educator it was important that her profile portraits portrayed her warm and approachable personality.  Her clients range from large corporates to cleaning companies so it was important to have a range  of images that all clients could identify with.

From what I heard, while photographing her training course and talking to Bridget about what she does is surprisingly fascinating and I’ve picked up a few tip bits to apply when cleaning!

Thanks so much to Julie Sucksmith for teeing everything up for the shoot and helping out on the day too!

marketing images Website and Marketing Images

Publicity Portraits

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

These portraits are of Tess Evans.  Tess needed some portrait photographs which she could use to promote her new book which will be to be published by Allen and Unwin on the 31st of May.  It’s titled Book of Lost Threads.  Tess was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with, so I am really looking forward to reading her novel.

I haven’t had much of a chance to blog post many of the recent commercial portraits and commercial work I’ve been doing recently.  Being in the mist of the wedding season makes it difficult to do extra things like blog!  I will endeavour to post more images here though!

author portraits Publicity Portraits