Lizzy C Photography, Melbourne Photographer

Marketing and PR PhotographyMarketing & PR Photography

Lizzy C Photography has extensive experience taking photographs for PR and marketing purposes and has had photographs published in a range of national and local magazines and newspapers.
Are you a business with a new product or service? Lizzy understands small business and loves working in collaboration with them. Lizzy strives to understand your business and works with you to achieve images which illustrate your core business. Lizzy C Photography offers flexible photographic packaging and pricing payments so that she can tailor a specific package for you. This means you can have professional photographs to suit your specific needs and budget without sacrificing quality.

PR Photography

Why is it important to have professional photographs?

If you are writing a press release to submit to the media it is likely that it might be only glanced at. Media outlets receive thousands of press releases, so many never see the light of day. Professional photographs can help your media release stand out and be noticed! If your media release is accompanied by photos of publishable quality, it increases the chance of it being picked up by media organisations.

This is because:

  • The media release and accompanying photo can be added to the publication at the last minute to fill a space.
  • It illustrates your story and point more effectively at a glance.
  • It makes for more interesting reading, which is what media outlets are looking to achieve.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Lizzy directly as she would love to talk to you directly about your specific PR needs.