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I meet the most amazing people in business.  Running a business is hard work, it’s really rewarding but it’s really hard work.  That’s why I have to take my hat off to women out there who not only run a business but also have families and kids they need to look after too.

Two women whom I got to meet and photograph recently are defiantly part of that group who are not only doing great things in business but are also have families to contend too.

Elizabeth from La Toriana and Angela from Lambykins approached me for some PR photography for some press releases they are planning to send out. Together Elizabeth and Angela have released an organic range of premature baby clothing. Elizabeth and Angela have been friends for over twenty years, in which this time Elizabeth had three premature babies. From this experience they realised how traumatic it is for mothers who can’t get appropriate clothing for their premature babies. A nurse even suggested to Elizabeth that she buy cabbage patch dolls clothing or get something specially made.

“It was the last thing I needed: my babies were vulnerable enough without seeing them in dolls clothes or over sized hospital-issued garments. I longed to have some nice clothes for my baby that actually fitted and were suitable for the NICU,” Elizabeth says.

The clothing is so soft and beautiful. My brother was 12 weeks premature and I’ve been told all my life about how he was smaller than my father’s hand. I’ve even seen photos. But I still couldn’t believe how small these clothes needed to be for premature babies (the clothing is sized for babies from 800 grams). It was also amazing to see and hold a keepsake doll in the size of a premature baby. So tiny….

I am also very aware how traumatic that time in my parent’s life was, even though my brother has gone on to lead a full and healthy life it was very tough and go for many months for my mother and him.

Angela has added this new premature range to her existing range of children’s clothing and Elizabeth also stocks this new range at La Toriana.

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