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Back on Australian Soil | Images from Japan

I’m back in Melbourne after an absolutely amazing time in Japan. It was a bit whirlwind but we got to visit some amazing places and have some great unique experiences  including staying in a Buddhist monastery with 6am morning prayer, dodgem car  bicycle riding on the city pavements, relaxing in outdoor natural hot spring baths with views overlooking the Japanese alps, cute port side villages which feel like time forgot them, a beautifully spiritual Shinto wedding and of course amazingly quirky city life.

Japan definitely brought back some fond memories for me and gave me the opportunity to once again reconnect with some great old friends.

I am really looking forward to posting some more photos especially of the wedding we attended and I photographed of a dear friend in Okazaki, Japan.

These first photographs are taken at Koya San at a Buddhist temple which we stayed in.  I first visited Koya San for my 21st Birthday (quite a few years ago now) and I thought it’d be excellent to take Dave back there as I had such fond memories of the experience.  Koya San is on top of a beautiful mountain plateau not far from Osaka.  It is a beautiful train trip as the train snakes it’s way around the mountain giving you a great view of rural Japan, it ends with the craziest steepest, driver-less cable tram for the final leg.  Koya San has over 100 temples and is surrounded in a beautiful wooded forest.

All the images in this post are taken at the temple we stayed in, except the last one which was taken at a local restaurant. 

Japan Koya San

Comments (3)

  1. Bec says:

    Great photos Liz! Takes me back also!!
    Can’t wait to see the Japanese wedding photos – I’m sure they will be beautful!

  2. Sally McIntyre says:

    Wow Liz, the photos are just breathtaking! Sensational!

  3. ING says:

    Awesome! Makes me want to pack up & go travelling.