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Lizzy C Photography Wedding Clients

In business there is often talk of who your ideal client is. I feel that I am really lucky because my current clients are already my ideal clients! I have noticed there are often commonalities between the couples who choose me to photograph their wedding day. I respect and enjoy their company and feel that they’ve been drawn to me (and me to them) because we are similar in our ideals, views and personalities in many ways.

So I thought I’d post some things I’ve noticed about my clients. If you are a client of mine, do you agree? If you are just browsing but some of these points resonate with you. Let’s talk!

Lizzy C Photography wedding clients typically…

• are planning a wedding with a relaxed vibe
• have carefully considered how to make their guests an important part of their wedding day
• would like wedding photography which captures the essence and emotions of their wedding day
• are personalising their wedding in their own unique ways
• may have a keen interest in photography
• dislike anything fake or ‘glamourised’
• want a photographer who fits into the flow of their day rather than disrupts it
• enjoy and appreciate photography
• are fun and relaxed people who don’t take themselves too seriously

And these are some images of some of my lovely clients …