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You can’t help but smile when you talk to Bridget.  She has a lovely warm personality and is obviously passionate about what she does.  Bridget is the director of Fresh Green Clean.  Fresh Green Clean consult, educate and train organisations on green cleaning.  In the process of creating a new website, Bridget realised that she needed good quality professional images to portray her message and what she does to potential clients.  I did a range of photographs for Fresh Green Clean including Bridget’s profile photographs and images she can use on her website and promotional material to promote what she does clearly and concisely.  Because Brigid works closely with people as a consultant and as an educator it was important that her profile portraits portrayed her warm and approachable personality.  Her clients range from large corporates to cleaning companies so it was important to have a range  of images that all clients could identify with.

From what I heard, while photographing her training course and talking to Bridget about what she does is surprisingly fascinating and I’ve picked up a few tip bits to apply when cleaning!

Thanks so much to Julie Sucksmith for teeing everything up for the shoot and helping out on the day too!

Comments (2)

  1. Bec says:

    I’ve never seen cleaning products look so good! 🙂
    Great photos Lizzy!

  2. Hey Lizzy,

    so good to see these in print. You make me look wonderful! I really enjoyed doing the shoot with you too – so professional, efficient but easy going to boot. I look forward to working with you again,