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Toby and Cally~ A Daylesford Convent Gallery Wedding

When I think about Toby and Cally, it always make me smile. They are two of the most lovely people with an abundance of energy.  I still remember so clearly when I first met the two of them. We had so many laughs and and conversations which wandered off  on different tangents! I knew their wedding day was going to be great and they sure didn’t disappoint…

I can’t even start to put into words how their beautiful day unfolded but I think Cally’s mum Kate does a pretty good job in this beautiful email that she sent me.

From the mother of the bride,

Hi Lizzy – I just received C and T’s engagement session photos that I ordered. Thanks so much – they are wonderful – so looking forward to seeing the wedding pics! I have had many people say to me that you seemed wonderful on the wedding day. I must say that I myself hardly noticed you were there – and I presume that is the highest accolade – that you were “invisible” and yet noticed enough that we have received commendations on your presence! Wasn’t Cally and Toby’s wedding just the most joyous event? The sheer emotional joy she exhibited – and his joy was just as evident, if more reined in – enabled all the guests to let go emotionally. I don’t think I have ever seen so many men cry at once! I recently asked Cally if going back to every day life was a let-down, and she said no, just being married was just too exciting. So I feel that in this day and age of trying to achieve the perfect wedding, because Cally and Toby actually wanted to achieve the state of being married, rather than wanting a “perfect wedding”, they did actually have a “perfect wedding”. They are extremely happy, and excitedly making plans for their future.  Once again, thanks for your great work. I’m sure we will all be thrilled with the wedding pics.  Thanks, Kate.

A beautiful personal touch were the cushions made by Cally’s mum, each was individual and were given to the guests as a take home gift. She also made the elephants for Toby and Cally, they have a bit of a thing for elephants!

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  1. Bec says:

    Beautiful photos!
    Once again you’ve captured a lovely day filled with romantic and special moments!
    And I’m very impressed by the cushions – what a wonderful personal touch.