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Couples Portraits ~ Emma and Ben’s extended preview

Sometimes when I edit my clients images I smile to myself. I smile because it takes me back to that moment; why they are smiling at each other, smiling back at me or smiling at something that has just happened.

When I posted the first preview images of Emma and Ben I chuckled. I laughed out loud. I laughed because we’d joked about how they didn’t have any photographs of the two of them, despite them having been together for years, travelling together and living together. The best one they could recall was one in which they were tiny in the frame and a mountainous landscape loomed over them. So I picked a couple of initial images where they were tiny in the frame! It made me laugh, and I hope Emma and Ben can have a laugh too, because they can be assured there now exists some images where they are the significant subject in the frame…

Comments (3)

  1. Gemma Carr says:

    very smiley indeed Lizzy. Love the shots in the sea of greens, very cute.

  2. ….well done Lizzy, Being mum of the bride I know that Emma never likes her photo taken, you make them look really relaxed and I see the real connection in their eyes and body language. Thanks for helping make this time leading up to the wedding an enjoyable experience. Love the laughter between them. Can’t wait to meet you. From one very happy mother of the bride ….Rose

  3. Emma Scarlett says:

    The photos look amazing Lizzy! My mum sums up perfectly how we feel about our experience working with you and the beautiful results! These pictures will for sure overshadow our well known ‘landscape’ portraits; I think your new interpretation of those well know compositions will take pride of place on my walls at home from now onwards 🙂 Thanks for shaking some of that camera ‘shyness’ off of my back – here’s to the wedding day! I can’t wait to work with you then!