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Melbourne Couples

I am a self-proclaimed Melbourne ambassador.  I love this city and I can’t get enough of it. I don’t think I became the ambassador I currently am until I spent five years living away from Melbourne.  This time away made me realise what I had access to but had frequently taken for granted. Despite realising that now, it is still really easy to become complacent about how lucky I am to live here.
There is a running joke between my friends and me that I live in a bubble: a bubble that extends around the inner suburbs of Carlton, Fitzroy, Brunswick and Collingwood. It’s not that I never leave my little bubble, but I do find that my free time can easily be filled without travelling any further afield—coffee at Cavallero during the week, breakfast at Mitte in North Fitzroy on Saturday morning, wandering the design markets on Rose St or the Farmers Market at Collingwood children’s farm .

One of the great things about my job is that it allows me to leave my north-of-the-Yarra bubble, allowing me to see all that greater Melbourne has to offer. Sometimes, I just hop on the tram, cross the river and hang out in the sun with an interesting couple who like the beach. It’s then that I remind myself that I shouldn’t become complacent.

This is Chris and Dominik, more of their photos and story to come…