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Michaela and Matt’s Urban Melbourne Portraits

Michaela and Matt are getting married just after Christmas. I only met Michaela and Matt for the first time on Friday. Just over a week before their wedding. Michaela and Matt live in London and are back in Melbourne for their wedding and a brief stopover for Christmas.

Matt almost immediately mentioned that he didn’t really like having his photo taken and found it rather awkward. I didn’t take it personally that he wasn’t too keen to hang out with me…It’s pretty much what everyone says at some point before having their photo taken!

We talked about how partly the reason behind this session is to dispel any discomforts about having your photo taken, and an opportunity to just act yourself and for me to capture just that.

Looking at these photographs. I think their personalities come shinning through.

Michaela and Matt will be my last wedding for 2010. I think it’ll be a great way to end the year!