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Relaxed Business Portraits

One of the things I really enjoy doing is photographing small business clients and consultants. I work a lot with people who are the “face of their business” They realise the importance of having engaging photographs on their websites and marketing material. Often they aren’t all that eager to have their photograph taken but an hour spent with me in front of the camera intertwined with general chit chat about business, life or the weather and a good laugh usually makes people feel relaxed and at ease in front of the camera. The result is engaging, friendly and relaxed photographs which illustrate their personality and business ethos.

Recently, I photographed Jacquie Molloy. Jacquie is an expert in corporate communications. She works with organisations and individuals to support those who are about to move into a new role, those who are in their first year of a senior role, or those who aspire to lead.

It was a pleasure to photograph Jacquie, as she was very clear on what she would use the images for and the image she wanted to portray.

Jacquie also had these lovely things to say about our session:

Lizzy is my photographer of choice! I love the way Lizzy is open to what I want but always aware of what will look best. She manages that ‘line’ very well. Consequently I feel like I am in the best hands and the proof is in the quality of the photos. I also appreciate the extra effort Lizzy takes to make sure I have all the formats I need and is very helpful with meeting sometimes tight deadlines.

* Jacquie does some acting on the side. The bottom middle one is a headshot for upcoming productions.