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So I am starting to think that my clients are crazy. I mean that in the nicest possible way of course! I mean I actually rate someone with a little bit of crazy quite highly. As we are all a little crazy, right?

But to get back on track, When Teagan came in for her photo session she told me she didn’t take a good photo. Nothing wrong with that, that is pretty much the first thing every client tells me before I take their photo!

Why do I think she’s a little crazy? Take a look at the photos below! I think they say it all.

In all seriousness though I think Teagan is absolutely lovely and was a pleasure to work with. I loved the sense of calm she brought with her that enveloped the studio and me. Teagan is extremely friendly and has a bubbly personality with a big broad genuine smile. I instantly noticed that she has a sense of calm in her life. For someone who doesn’t have any sort of calm in their life I recognise and envy this quality. I’m sure her connection with meditation and spirituality must have something to do with this.

I think these photos encapsulate her personality.  The feedback from Teagan was also positive!   To quote ” Thanks! Everyone went nuts over the photos. I am really pleased with them.”