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A Yering Station Wedding

‘Lots of fun’ and ‘a little bit quirky’ are the phrases that I’d use to describe Kerrie and Eric. We all had a fantastic day hanging out in the Yarra Valley. There were plenty of laughs and not an ounce of stress. Kerrie was a ball of energy, especially considering that she is carrying around a little plus one! She just radiated happiness; what an experience they’ll be able to tell their bub about! Yering Station put on a treat with a delicious array of food and wine, and a breathtaking view out over the Yarra Valley. The modern art scattered throughout the grounds was a playground for Eric, with his quirky and fun-loving attitude.

The Details
Wedding location: Yering Station, Yarra Valley
Ceremony Official: Susan Harcourt – Memento Ceremonies
Flowers: Blooming Brides
Jewellery: Necklace – Elva Fields earrings – Pip Keane
Music: Regent Strings Quartet
Invitations: Ruby & Scarlett for wedding invitation and Papermarc for name placings

Comments (1)

  1. The pictures are just breathtaking.It’s amazing how the details can make such a difference. I’ve never seen such an attetions for details like the food, the memory book or the flowers from the groom’s tie. Good luck in the future!