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Creative Time Out

I don’t usually blog much outside of what I photograph directly for clients, but I thought I might share a little piece of what I was doing and where I was over the last few days. I guess I’m revealing a little bit of me here today.

I usually tell other people’s stories, not my own, so I’m not even really sure where to start with this.

As much as I love my lifestyle, there is a lot of noise in my life. I’m always connected. I’m always going somewhere and doing something. I don’t really ever sit still. Often I travel overseas to gain some respite. It’s my oportunity to rejuvinate, be inspired and create for myself.

I didn’t quite know what I was signing up for when I decided to attend “Play Make Do” at Payne’s Hut in the alpine region of North East Victoria, but something in what they were offering resonated with me. The idea of spending time creating, interacting, thinking, talking and playing in an enviroment and a time dedicated solely to doing just that with a group of like-minded people was inspiring to me.

I had a divine four days and took away many things; some which I will be immediately able to integrate into my city lifestyle, while other loftier goals and ambitions will need more time and consideration. More than anything, I cherished the stillness, the disconnection from the outside world, and the chance to create for creation’s sake. It was a place where the outside world didn’t really matter.

Thank you to all the people with whom I spent the last four days. You made the experience what it was.

The photographs I took will hopefully illustrate at least some of the experience I had. After all, I tell stories much better with pictures than with words…

If you are into Twitter. These are the people I learnt from and laughed with….
@PaynesHut @kealey @busichic @sambe11 @LSwearingin @meaganrocket @dougsky @playmakedo and of course @alisonmichalk

Comments (3)

  1. Kate James says:

    Looks and sounds amazing Liz. Beautiful, beautiful pics.

  2. Praverb says:

    Loving your eye and unique spin on things. You are very talented.