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A Treacy Centre Māori and Vietnamese Wedding

Linh and Rangi // Wedding

Linh and Rangi shared the most amazing multicultural wedding with their friends and family at the Tracey Centre. Combining elements of each of their cultures, the ceremony featured Mauri traditions including the Haka and a Mauri procession, and was followed by a Vietnamese tea ceremony.

Linh and Rangi are such beautifully genuine people, and their families and friends were so obviously pleased and excited to be sharing their wedding day with them.

Before the reception at the Luxor Centre, the bridal party enjoyed an impromptu picnic in the grounds of the Tracey Centre. The picnic had been lovingly prepared by a friend, and it provided a great scene for us to snap a few photos while everyone relaxed and had fun.

Linh and Rangi have been together since high school, and they’re still so happy and excited to be together. They live across the road from Linh’s parents, so we were able to wander between the two houses to capture photos of both the bride and the groom getting ready.

The couple and their families were always so thoughtful and inclusive. At the reception there was a lolly table for guests, and a special one for the kids who were running around having a lot of fun! Family is such a big part of this couples’ life, so it was lovely to see everyone together enjoying the day!

Comments (6)

  1. Linh Duong says:

    Lizzy, thank you so, so, so much for the amazing photos. We knew you were great, but, WOW!!!! More so, thank you for making us so comofrtable on the day- it was just so relaxed and wonderful. You’re amazing!!!

  2. Ren Ate says:

    Awesome shots, memories of a great day

  3. Kelly Edwards says:

    Amazing photos, you really did capture the day so well. A big thank you for being easy to work with, not only was it a joy being apart of the wedding party it was a massive joy having you taking the pics! Job well done!!

  4. Kim says:

    Great photos to match a great day!

  5. Keith says:

    Stunning photos that capture the day beautifully.