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A Culturally Rich Melbourne Wedding at Merrimu

I travel a lot. In fact, I spend more of winter overseas then in Australia, just to escape the cold! But one of the things I love most coming home to is multicultural Melbourne. Recently I was away in the US, and do you know what I craved? What I realised that I couldn’t do without? Thai food! And, funnily enough, you don’t get much good Thai food in Utah.

Getting to my point, when I first met with Hong and John I listened with fascination to the story of their backgrounds and families. Different stories, perhaps, but stories that had brought them together. Hong’s family is Vietnamese, but she was born in Hong Kong. John’s background is Chinese and Russian. They brought their cultures and families together on their special day by including many traditions; some Chinese, some Vietnamese and, of course, some Australian.

I feel privileged that in my home town of Melbourne I can be a part of a wedding between two lovely people that includes so much rich culture and diversity. That’s also what I love about weddings. They bring it all together: the people, the families and the culture.