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A Mandarin Oriental Wedding in Bangkok Thailand!

Blessed. Honoured. Happy. That’s how I’d describe my feelings as I reflect back on the images I took of Sasi and Tom’s Wedding in Bangkok.

Blessed, because I had the opportunity to become involved in a happy, pivotal, life-changing day in the lives of my clients. I also had an inside view into a culture quite different to my own, and was given an all-access pass to document this day forever.

Honoured, because Sasi and Tom chose me as their wedding photographer, and not only flew me all the way from Melbourne, Australia to Bangkok, Thailand (and looked after me along the way), but allowed me into their lives.

Happy, because I got to combine the two things I love most in the world: travel and photography!

Sasi and Tom were married in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a lovely tranquil oasis in the midst of the bustling city. Situated right on the river, much of this colonial gem has been maintained as a time capsule to its glory days as a tropical hangout for many famous authors who have graced it with their presence. Sasi and Tom were married in the Author’s lounge, a beautiful breezy atrium with divine colonial features.

Sasi was a classical beauty in her stunning lace-detailed wedding dress. Tom looked very sharp too. A few times throughout the day, with the beautiful colonial backdrop and their classic attire, I felt as though we’d stepped back into yesteryear and half expected Noel Coward to stroll in at any moment!

We began the day bright and early in the hotel before heading off to Sasi’s family home, where the two paid their respects to their ancestors and ate rice pudding in accordance with Thai tradition. It was lovely to be welcomed into the family home and watch their culture unfold.

Sasi and Tom had a lovely traditional Thai ceremony, in which their family played an important role.

It was a lovely relaxed day, and Sasi and Tom and their families are such lovely, geniuine people. I feel honoured to have been there to capture this special day.


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  1. leah says:

    Really impressive photos, gorgeous setting. Very natural and beautiful.