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Six tips for choosing the right photographer!

It seems like there are so many photographers out there these days, finding the right one can be tricky. We’ve put together our best five tips for finding a photographer who’s easy to work with and will deliver great photos!

Are they insured?

This one’s a no-brainer. If the photographer doesn’t have appropriate insurance, you shouldn’t engage their services. It’s unlikely anything will happen during your shoot, but you need to protect yourself.


What is your photographic style?

Chances are, you’ll already have a good idea about how you want your photos to look. Do you prefer a candid look using daylight, or are you after something more posed with studio lighting? Most photographers have a distinct style or way they like to shoot, asking them to create photos in a dramatically different way can end in disaster. Have a good look at photographers’ websites and make sure their style is consistent with yours.


Look for experience

When you look at the websites of potential photographers, check the variety of the images. If they only have photos from one or two clients, chances are they aren’t very experienced. The more shoots a photographer has done, the better they are at their craft, and they’ll have much better interpersonal skills. This is particularly important if you don’t like having your photo taken and need help relaxing during the session, or if children will be the focus of the shoot (they can be a handful!).


What is their feedback like?

When you read about a photographer on their website, the copy will most likely tell you how great the photographer is. There’s nothing wrong with this; it’s part of the photographer’s job to convince you to buy their services. On top of the words they’re written about themselves, a good photographer will include testimonials from previous clients. Naturally, these will all be glowing reviews of the photographer, but the number client testimonials on a photographers website can be a good indication that they’ll provide what you require.


How responsive is the photographer?

Once you’ve picked a couple of photographers you like the look of, the next step is to contact them for a quote. Pay attention to the response you get. How long does it take for them to get back to you? Are they professional and courteous? These early interactions can be a good indication of how easy they will be to do business with in the future.


How much do they charge, and what are you getting for your money?

Once you have a quote back, you need to decide whether that fits with your budget, and if you think the price the photographer charges is good value. The most expensive photographer isn’t necessarily the best. When you look at the price, make sure you know what that includes — how many images? What size and resolution will they be? How much retouching is included in the price? When will the images be delivered? If you need the images within a week some photographers much charge a rush fee, it’s good to know that information upfront.


That’s it! Goodluck in your search. If you’d like to contact us for a quote, you can do so here.

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