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Profile Photo Rules

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Profile photo rules you should know

If you’re confused about what looks professional and what doesn’t, we’ve put together six basic tips what makes a great LinkedIn profile photo.  They’re just recommendations, but if you follow these rules you’ll end up with a better profile photo than most of your connections.

1. You should be the only subject

Photos of you with a friend or colleague are confusing – if the viewer hasn’t met you before they won’t know which one is you. Also resist the temptation to include your pets in your professional photo – save those ones for Facebook.

2. Keep your head straight

A slight tilt can signal interest, but avoid any postures that look too unnatural. Sitting upright with your head looking at the camera is the safest bet.

3. Your face should be in focus

If you’ve decided to ask a friend to take some photos make sure they know what they’re doing. Nothing says unprofessional more than a photo that’s out of focus.
Avoid the risk altogether and get your photos taken by a professional photographer. If you need further convincing check out our post ‘why should I pay a professional to take my portrait?’

Professional Portrait Melbourne Studio

4. Use a recent photo of yourself

Remember that one day you might meet the people you connect with online, so it’s a good idea to post a current photo that looks like you do in real life.
As a rule of thumb, aim to update your photo every two years, or sooner if you shave your head or lost a lot of weight.

5. Wear appropriate attire

Think about the kind of people who will be looking at your professional photo. They will likely be colleagues, employers, business partners, and potential
employers and business partners. In your profile photo you should dress as if you were trying to impress these people an important meeting or job interview.

6. Use a pleasant facial expression

LinkedIn is a networking site, and, while it’s in a work context, there is still a social element to it. You should look relaxed and approachable, as if you would when you were meeting someone for the first time. This is where a professional photographer will come in handy, as they are experts at getting the best expression from their subjects.

LinkedIn headshot by professional Melbourne Photographer
professional Melbourne Photographer LinkedIn headshot

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