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Why photograph your executive team?

Executive portraits can be used across a wide range of your communications including annual reports, media and press articles and interviews, internal communications, marketing materials and websites.

Photographing your executive team helps people within your organisation and other organisations you work with get a better understanding of who you are as a company and what you do. People like to be able to put a face to a name and photographs help personalise your company.


It can be difficult to find time for a photoshoot. Especially if you are trying to line up multiple executives or board members. We often photograph executives when they’ve been gathered in the same location for events such as planning days, conferences, board meetings or general meetings.

Otherwise, you can always break the photo shoot into multiple sessions and catch the executive team separately. We can come to your location and set up a mobile studio or they can visit our conveniently located studio in inner city Melbourne.

Photography Style.

When photographing executives we suggest capturing at least a couple of styles. Consider a head shot on a plain background for profiles such as LinkedIn or the company website but an editorial style portrait or environmental portrait can be really great to have on hand too. These are often really useful for media coverage, in depth profile pieces and annual reports.

What to Wear.

You should consider what you want your executives to wear and advise them prior to the session so they come prepared. Dress codes really depend on the industry you work in. However, you should think consider if you require them to wear a suit jacket? Or a tie?  We find that most of the time a jacket for men (with or without tie) and no sleeveless tops for women is a good basic rule.

Also, let us know what you’ve decided so we can make sure they are wearing the right attire.

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