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Updated Headshots for Andy

This is the second time I’ve photographed Andy. The first time was about 5 years ago. Andy got in touch again as he felt he needed an update and was also changing the direction of his work and consequently who he was speaking to and his personal brand.

What do you do?

I am a health, safety and wellbeing professional but its not a job – it’s a mission!

Tell me about how you got into your field.

I was looking for a career that had a deeper sense of ‘meaning’ for me in the world, something that I’d be proud to tell my kids and grandkids that I had been.

What is the best piece of career advice you’ve received?

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is “see it BIG. Keep it SIMPLE” which is especially important in health and safety. If you talk to people too long about OHS their eyes glaze over and they fall off their chair!

Why did you choose to hire Lizzy C Photography?

I chose Lizzy to take my photos for LinkedIn, social media and my new website as I feel that it’s important for people to see who they are dealing with, especially as a one man band. Putting a face to a name is something I like to do so, it’s how I wanted to show up to the world. Lizzy has done an excellent job.

Tell us about your experience working with her. Were you happy with the results of your shoot?

Lizzy first took my headshots about five years ago and she is a total professional to work with. The images she did for me are excellent. I would use her again and will recommend her to my friends.

Melbourne professional Headshot
Standing Portrait of Melbourne Professional