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Consultant Headshots for Tanya

Consultant Headshot in Melbourne studio

I had the pleasure of working with Tanya, a consultant with a passion for women in leadership. During our conversation, Tanya shared insights about her career journey, the best career advice she’s received, and why she chose to have professional consultant headshots taken. Tanya also spoke highly of her experience working with me and was thrilled with the results of her shoot. Read on to learn more about Tanya and her experience working with Lizzy C Photography.

Consultant professional headshot in Melbourne

What do you do? Tell us a bit about what you do.
I’ve been a people leader for many years, however I am currently in a consultant role. I work on changes, risk and supplier management. I am also really passionate about women being in leadership and senior roles and am part of an enterprise mentorship program.

Tell me about how you got into your field.
I got into banking and finance by chance. My mum worked for a bank many years ago and suggested I apply for a teller role. And as they say, the rest is history.

What is the best piece of career advice you’ve received?
Stay in my lane and always remember the ‘why’.

Why did you choose to have professional profile photos taken and what will you use your portraits for?
I wanted to have a selection of portraits I could use for anything work related and for LinkedIn that showcased my professionalism.

Why did you choose to hire Lizzy C Photography?
A google search lead me to Lizzy C Photography and I immediately felt like it would be a great fit.

Tell us about your experience working with her. Were you happy with the results of your shoot?
Great working with Lizzy, personable, friendly and quick turnaround. I’m very happy with the results and would highly recommend.

Professional Headshot of a Melbourne consultant in port Melbourne studio
Consultant Headshot in Melbourne studio