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Headshots for Writer and Journalist Melinda

Melbourne Author Headshot

Cover image for LinkedIn for writer and journalist in Melbourne

Melinda was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a very interesting person with a lovely warm personality. She lives in the suburb I grew up in, so it was lovely to reminisce and talk about the streets where she walks her dog.

What do you do? Tell us a bit about what you do.
I’m a writer, journalist (and dog trainer) looking to take a bit of a left turn in my career

Tell me about how you got into your field.
Passionate about all forms of writing, I started in client publishing and eventually (a long and winding road) finangled my way into full-time work with The Age.

What is the best piece of career advice you’ve received?
“No one wants to read this – you have to make them want to read it.” (Thanks Gus!)

Why did you choose to have professional profile photos taken and what will you use your portraits for?
After more than 20 years in more or less the same job (freelancing for The Age)

I was more than ready for new adventures and needed to establish a LinkedIn presence for the first time, put myself out there.

I specifically wanted a headshot for that, as well as a couple up my sleeve – and I wanted to create a banner for LinkedIn as well.

Why did you choose to hire Lizzy C Photography?

I was very  anxious about the process and uncomfortable in front of the camera. Liz seemed to specialise in what I needed (including dealing with camera-phobes); her website was very clear and detailed about the process and the pricing; she and her studio manager were very prompt and helpful in responding to my additional queries; and I knew I’d be more at ease working with a team of women.

Tell us about your experience working with her. Were you happy with the results of your shoot?

Delighted with the results of the shoot – exactly what I wanted.

The professionalism of Lizzy C certainly carried through to the process but Liz herself was also really warm and easy to be around.

I instantly felt relaxed, and in safe hands. And it shows in the pics – they’re terrific.

Melbourne Writer Professional Headshot
Heashot of Melbourne Writer and journalist with books
Melbourne Author Headshot