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Professional Headshots for Health Coach, Hayley

Relaxed outdoor personable professional portrait of a health coach

Today I share the experience of working with Hayley, a Health Coach and a mum of two. Hayley has such a lovely thoughtful personality. It was interesting to learn that her journey towards finding her passions and purpose, was what led her to the field of health and mindset coaching.

It’s fantastic that she decided to invest in professional headshot and branding photos to help her establish her professional identity as she embarks on her journey in a new field. I’m honoured that she chose me as her photographer. I’m glad that I was able to capture the professionalism and approachability that she was looking for.

I thank Hayley for sharing her positive experience working with me. She was an absolute pleasure and delight to work with you, and I look forward to collaborating with her again in the future.

Professional headshot in Melbourne studio of a health and mindset coach at a desk

What do you do? Tell us a bit about what you do.

I am a Health Coach Mastery student and a mum of two.

Tell me about how you got into your field.

I worked with a therapist and mindset coaches to find where my passions and purpose met.

What is the best piece of career advice you’ve received?

Success is a few simple disciplines practiced daily.

The best contribution to your business/company is self development.

Why did you choose to have professional profile photos taken and what will you use your portraits for?

  • Re-establishing a professional identity after changing fields and time away focused on parenting
  • I will use them for building my own business and brand in health coaching
  • Digital marketing

Why did you choose to hire Lizzy C Photography?

The professional but relaxed and natural feel of her photographs.

Tell us about your experience working with her. Were you happy with the results of your shoot?

Beautiful human, beautiful to work with. Talented.
I requested professionalism but calm and approachable in my images and that is exactly what I received. So pleased.
we WILL work together again!

outdoor professional portrait of a mindset coach in Melbourne
Relaxed outdoor personable professional portrait of a health coach
warm and personable portrait of a professional health coach in Melbourne
relaxed business portrait of a Melbourne health coach sitting in a chair