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Wedding Testimonial

Recently, a guest at a wedding I photographed wrote a loverly write up about me and the photographs I took on her blog..

Jay from Finki is actually a local Melbourne artist who makes beautiful handmade things which are defiantly worth checking out.  Visit her

website or blog to see some of her beautiful creations.  I absolutely adore her cute handstitched bowls and notebooks.


“A few weeks back Ben & Jess got married having Kierah as there flower girl.
I’ve been hanging out for the professional photo’s to be ready to see how they captured my non posing, anti girly girl daughter.
The photographer Lizzy, was so nice to work with and I was mighty envious of her big, beautiful camera. We got to see a sneak preview of Lizzy’s work with pics taken of Ben and Jess pre wedding. They were so natural, capturing such warmth and affection. We knew the wedding ones would be worth the wait.

What she does too, which I think is really clever, is present the portfolio of the days pictures as an online gallery. The bride and groom then give the special password for the gallery to there friends and family, so they can chose pics for themselves. That’ s so good.
I’m sure you know the frustration of getting all dolled up to go out, just to be the one behind the camera taking pics of everyone else and never having nice ones to share of hubby and you. Usually in this instance the bride and groom might have a copy of all the pics for them selves, but you miss out.

So I was really excited to have the opportunity to buy some for myself.

I’ve chosen just enough to have a beautiful memento of the day, and the photo’s……………they are just glorious. We couldn’t have hoped for anything better. Here’s one of Kierah pre wedding, at Jess’s house. It’s just so serene. Just beautiful.
I also chose one out of the shot’s Jess and Ben had alone, as the one to frame for the house. It’s just so quirky and cute, which really suits them to a tee. No cliches’, no running through the beach and holding hands. Just them……so honest and so in love.

If you’re looking for a photographer for any special event, I highly recommend Lizzy. Her professionalism, creativity, talent and ability to capture such natural and timeless images is paramount. So, so happy with the pics of our little girl.”