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Chris and Dominik~ Melbourne Couples Portrait

Chris and Dominik.
At first glance, it is obvious that they are happy, happy in each other’s company. Chris is Greek and Dominik is Polish and Croatian. They both love the beach.
What really made an impression on me was how much respect they had for each other and what they do. Chris is a barrister, and she wears a wig and gown to court. Dominik told me about how hard Chris has worked to get where she is. Dominik is a lawyer too, but Chris told me proudly about how he also makes documentary films.

You may have noticed, I may have gone on a bit of a tangent in my last blog post. Just a few random musings on the city I love: Melbourne. But when I met Chris and Dominik, it got me thinking. They made an impression on me.
For the people who know me, I have a roundabout way of thinking. I credit much to the city, but really it is the people I meet and the people I know who make it the place it is to me.

I feel like I meet so many people with interesting stories. As we say- everyone has a story.
I love meeting people. I love their stories. I love to listen. One of the things I love about photographing weddings is that sometimes people let me into their lives and I get the opportunity to tell their story- in pictures.

Comments (2)

  1. Chris says:

    Lovely photos Liz!

  2. Chris says:

    Lizzy you have an incredible eye for colour and moment. In a few words and photos you have managed to encapsulate ‘us’. Thank you. We cannot wait for our wedding day. These photos have reminded us how special the journey together is.