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My Creative Space: Myanmar, Burma


People talk about having the travel bug. And I truly think I have it. I love to travel and always have. I think it stems from listening to my parents’ stories of travelling. Not very often but occasionally a snippet of a story would come up. Travelling in India with a budget of a $1 a day, hitch hiking in Japan, writing letters to family in Australia which would arrive weeks or months after they’d left a place.

In a time of email, Lonely Planet and mass media I find myself always looking for a place to go that will excite, challenge and give me perspective.

Last year I went to Myanmar (Burma). These are some of the images I took along the way.


Comments (2)

  1. Kate James says:

    Completely stunning Liz. You have really captured the soul of the people and the place. I’d love to take photos like this!

  2. Ditto- beautiful images Liz. You really did capture the soul of the people and place! Love the colours and hues in these photographs too.