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Sally and Richard~ Melbourne Museum

You know when you meet people and you think, these guys could have fun anywhere? Leave them in a padded cell together and you know they’ll figure out something to laugh about. I had that feeling when I met Richard and Sally. Nothing seems to phase these two. They just take it in their laid back stride and enjoy the ride.  To me, it is obvious that they really truly deeply enjoy each other’s company. Now that’s a good place to be, if you ask me.

These are a few photos we took at the exhibition gardens and Melbourne museum of them being them!

Can’t wait to photograph their wedding day!

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  1. Sally says:

    Thank you Lizzy! The photos are amazing.. Whilst we did move around a lot you have captured us perfectly.
    We love the photos and really cannot wait for the wedding shots now.
    You made the process so much fun, and it really allowed us to “just be us”.