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Kara, Emerson and their story

I was excited to hear why we would be meeting for our photo shoot at the train station. I was sure there was going to be an interesting story behind this slightly unusual request. And I wasn’t disapointed.

Kara and Emerson met in highschool while dawdling around at the train station after school. Both went to different schools but Emerson can clearly recount exactly where they met on the platform! Due to their special connection with the station Emerson thought it perfect to propose on the train; much to Kara’s suprise and delight.

During the shoot we also spent sometime in the park adjacent to the station where’d they’d always wander through together, taking their time and enjoying each other’s company.

Emerson is a musician and has a bit of that rock star cool- in a very down to earth way. He’s carefully handpicked the band for the wedding. Kara’s especially excited about getting married at the beautiful Emu Bottom Estate and has put some extra thought into the creative details. I’m really looking forward to what sounds like is going to be a super fun day… and seeing Emerson’s Brooklyn born grandmother carve up the dance floor!