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Vey and Kim’s Cambodian Wedding

I arrived at Kim’s family home to a flurry of activity. There were people everywhere; preparing food and getting ready. We were at Kim’s house for a traditional Cambodian wedding ceremony, which was fascinating to see unfold. There was so much colour and tradition, with many details that were significant in Cambodian culture. Kim and Vey looked so amazing in their traditional Cambodian dress. Sometimes I had to pinch myself as I didn’t feel like I was still in suburban Melbourne. Looking at them I felt like I was documenting royalty, as they looked so regal in their attire.

Another standout highlight was Kim and Vey’s spectacular bridal dance, which was followed by Vey and the boys performing a surprise dance routine for Kim. It was absolutely brilliant and very cleverly choreographed. They obviously put a lot of time and thought into it, and Kim could not have been more impressed. it was like something you’d expect to go viral all over YouTube! Actually I should go check; it possibly has!