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Michelle Pizer Profile Portraits

Michelle Pizer didn’t always plan to be a psychologist. In fact, when she took her first psychology course at university, she had to look up the word to figure out exactly what it meant. Now she works as a counselling psychologist and an organisational psychologist in Melbourne, and she turned to Lizzy C for portraits for her website.

Michelle started her company in 2001, relying on word-of-mouth to help spread the word about her unique services. Because she provides both counselling and executive coaching, she stands out in her field. “I understand people and organisations,” she explains. “And I care. When I help people with their personal or work issues, I bring a unique breadth and depth of psychological skills combined with emotional sensitivity and decades of experience in the field.”

Michelle says she was drawn to Lizzy C Photography because of the friendly, professional business portraits in our portfolio. “Lizzy was the first professional photographer I’d ever worked with,” she said after the shoot. “And what a pleasure it was. The experience was surprisingly fun and I’ve got some great shots for my new website.”