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When a client books in for a Lizzy C Photography business portrait shoot, by far the most commonly asked question is “What should I wear?.”

There really is no right or wrong outfit for a portrait shoot. It doesn’t matter if your favorite shirt has stripes, or spots or is lime green. The best outfit you can bring is the one that makes you feel relaxed but professional. We usually recommend our clients bring a shirt or top in a color they like to wear and bring a jacket (for a few more corporate shots.)

We recommend bringing a second shirt or top to change into if you would like a greater variety of looks to choose from. Black is great and popular amongst us Melbourne peeps but bring some colour as well.

Jewellery and scarves are great ways for women to change it up. For Men bringing a suit, bring a couple of shirt and tie options and even a t-shirt for a casual shot for your personal Facebook profile picture for example.

The type of portrait we shoot may depend on the type of industry you work in and the clients that will view your profile. Some industries, by nature of their work, require a more relaxed approachable portrait style, whereas others may require a more formal corporate look.

Here at Lizzy C Photography, we like to think we are experts at capturing just the right look to showcase our clients and the work they do.

If you think your business image could do with a lift, then contact us now book in for a Business Profile on our next Business Portrait Shoot Day.

And….. If you find it hard to get to the studio during business hours, our appointments times start as early as 7.30am.


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