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Have you ever looked at someone’s online profile photo and when you meet them in real life, the image bears little resemblance to the original?

Often, clients worry when having a professional portrait taken, that we are going to “photoshop them to death”.

However, that’s not how it’s done.  There is no point in having a “perfect” profile photo if it is not engaging and doesn’t reflect you and your unique personality.
After a shoot we do complete post production work on all our client shots however the work we do will never change the way you look or make you look artificial.

Usually it is about cleaning up fly away hairs, reflections in glasses, removing blemishes and smoothing out skin tones or any shine.

A recent client commented about the process.

When I saw my before and after retouched photo I noticed some subtle differences. My skin tone is evened out, wrinkles around the eyes softened, gums lightened, hair smoothed. I think Lizzy did a great job of making me look good, without too much intervention. It helped that the original images were beautifully composed and lit by Lizzy, and that she put me at ease straight away (you can always tell if someone is uncomfortable having their portrait taken!) – Kelly

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