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Have you ever thought about what potential clients think about you?

Everyone knows that it is important to make a good first impression. So you’ve got the bells and whistles website, a great product and you may even offer personalised customer service.  Then why do your staff profile photographs make them look like escaped convicts, or worse, why aren’t there photos of you or your staff at all? Who is offering this personalised service?

Professional photographs illustrate a professional image. Why would you have a professional-looking website without professional content?

Jane from MIRO (Enterprise Management Solutions) approached me for some business profile images of herself which would provide a tangible face to a largely virtual business.  Above all she wanted her photos to communicate the values of her business including professional, trustworthy, fun to work with and relaxed.  The photos below are a small selection of photographs from her session.

Makeup was done by the talented Nicole from Made Gorgeous (9489 -8856)

Business photos

Business portrait

business profile photo