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st kilda portraits

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  1. Kim says:

    Hi Liz,

    The photos turned out really good, I showed families and friends and received lots of compliments, so thank you for your hard work. Vey and I was worried about how the capture turns out because of the weather, it was cloudy, windy and looked almost like it was going to rain but the outcome was amazing, I think the clouds gives it a good lighting a in the pictures, I guess it would of turned out differently if it was sunny, our eyes would be half closed and the captions would be too bright.

    As evidenced in the first couple of pictures Vey and I was a little shy and uncomfortable to pose around you hehe but we got better toward the end and I’m certain that we’ll do a better job on the day :).

    As you we’re aware Vey and I wanted the urban pictures it really goes well with the natural pose that you made us do. So keep on the good work and we will see you on the wedding day.


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