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Why Use a Professional Photographer?

Melbourne Photographer Professional headshot

Why should I pay a professional photographer to take my portrait?

We get it. Paying someone else to take your photo seems silly these days when cameras are so good. Surely you can just get a friend to take a few snaps for your LinkedIn profile or website?

The secret that no one seems to know is that photography is so much more than pressing a button, especially when it comes to portraits.

Here are few reasons why.

1. You can’t teach experience

Professional photographers know all the tricks when it comes to posture and getting the best expression out of their subjects. This comes from years of working with people to ensure they are relaxed and comfortable. After photographing thousands of people, professional photographers also know what pose will suit you best and how much smile will suit your face.
These instructions are delivered in a clear and friendly way to ensure you enjoy your portrait session, and walk away with a set of photos you are happy with.

Melbourne Photographer Professional headshot

2. Professional equipment gives a professional result

Amateur cameras are getting really good these days, but they’re still no match for high-end equipment.
We spend a lot of money on our equipment. Like, a lot of money.  This is because we care about our clients and want to produce the best images we
possibly can for them. A professional photographer with professional equipment will give you much better photos than someone who dabbles in photography using entry-level equipment.

3. Showing that you take your online presence seriously will show others you are invested in your career.

People can tell when a photo has been taken by a professional photographer.  Using photos taken by an expert for your LinkedIn profile page shows that you care about your professional image, and sends a message that you are committed to your career.  Potential employers and business partners will respond well to the investment you show in your image, creating a positive first impression.

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