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Client Spotlight: Margo Baas

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Client Spotlight: Margo Baas

Margo is a very special client. We actually used to work together back when I worked as an in house photographer at the University of Southern Queensland. But that was over 10 years ago now! I first took Margo’s portrait back then so I was thrilled when she got in touch and said she’d love an update. Margo lives in Brisbane but it took her no time at all to plan a trip down to Melbourne so we could make it happen.  Margo has always been a great support of my business and loves to tell friends and colleagues that she loves the portrait I took of her all those years ago. It was a lot of fun to get together again and do a new set of portraits for her business.

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What do you do? Tell us a bit about what you do.

At the start of 2018 I took the challenge to set up my own business. ExecPartners assists people in running their project, setting up or expanding their business or department. Growing businesses generally do not have the resources or capital to hire experienced, full-time marketing, operations, project management or HR execs, leaving them to cover these roles themselves. Looking for more than a traditional consultant? Somebody who will work with you to achieve your goals,hands-on, in a flexible capacity? ExecPartners is your answer.

Tell me about how you got into your field.

Having worked in different industries, in different locations (nationally and internationally), with a few qualifications behind me, I was keen to work as an ‘executive on tap’. So I’ve given up the full-time permanent job routine and work with different businesses on an as needs basis. The industry I really love working is, is known as EdTech; combining the best in education and technology to lift it to the next level. Whether it is in schools, universities or allied services, this is where an understanding of teaching, technology, business processes, change management all comes together.

Why did you choose to have professional profile photos taken and what will you use your portraits for?

Just over 10 years ago I was working at the University of Southern Queensland where Liz worked as the in-house photographer. For one if the initiatives I managed we had to take some shots to accompany our campaign and one of those photos has been a favourite for years. I thought it was time to refresh and ask Liz to take some new profile photos for my social media and website.

Why did you choose to hire Lizzy C Photography?

Have loved her work for over 10 years. I always check out new profile photos she shares on her site and they are just something else. Very natural, approachable, genuine portraits.

Tell us about your experience working with her. Were you happy with the results of your shoot?

The whole process was super easy and well organised. She works at a great location (easy to reach by public transport) and she made the hour fly. She has so much experience working with people who don’t like their photo taken and don’t like to pose that she is very good at making you feel totally at ease and get fabulous shots in no time. Great to get all the proofs online with a rating by Liz. I was able to send this link to two friends who helped me to pick the best ones. Great way to do it and I can always go back and order some more later. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone who still has a photo on their LinkedIn profile or on their website that they are not happy with. No more excuses!!!

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