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FAQ: Staff Portraits

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FAQ: Staff Portraits for your office.

Do you have multiple staff within your organisation who need to be photographed? Here we answer the questions about how to organise a staff portrait photography session.

Can you come to our office?

Yes, we can come to your workplace. We travel all around Melbourne and regional Victoria. Or if you would prefer, staff can come to our studio in inner city Melbourne.

How long does it take?

To give you an idea of time frame required to photograph staff, we will usually need approximately 30-45 minutes to set up lighting and equipment and then you would need to allow around 10 minutes per staff member to shoot.

As a general  rule; we would suggest scheduling about 4-6 staff portraits per hour.

If we are shooting executives who require multiple styles/options for photographs we will require longer than this.

Our staff are trying to avoid having their portrait taken at all costs.

If staff have concerns about having their photo taken (or are completely avoiding the idea!) it can help to let them know that we can shoot directly to a laptop and they can pick their own photo. Ensuring they leave knowing they have a photo they are happy with.

The lighting in our office is terrible.

It doesn’t matter. We bring professional lighting and backgrounds!

What do we advise the staff to wear?

You should consider what you want your staff to wear and advise them prior to the session so they come prepared. Dress codes really depend on the industry you work in. However, you should think consider if you require them to wear a suit jacket? Or a tie?  We find that most of the time a jacket for men (with or without tie) and no sleeveless tops for women is a good basic rule.  Also, let us know what you’ve decided so we can make sure they are wearing the right attire.

Can you match existing portraits?

Yes, we can.

Just send through the existing examples and we can match the lighting, posing and background.  We can also provide a style guide if you need to brief another photographer in another state/international office so as they match what we’ve done.  See the next question for our thoughts on if it’s time to bite the bullet and just start over rather than try and match outdated styles.

When is it time for an update?

Do you pride yourselves in being a cutting edge company but your staff portraits on your ‘about page’ sports 1990’s haircuts, power posers and school formal style backgrounds? If so, it might be time to consider an update.

Staff Portrait Examples – Environmental Portraits

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