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I hate having my photo taken!

Natural outdoor business portrait in Melbourne

Do you hate having your photo taken and believe you don’t look good in photos?

Rest assured you are not alone. Almost every time a new client arrives for a photo session the first thing out of their mouth is “I hate having my photo taken” and/or “I don’t take a good photo.”

You are in safe hands

I could joke and say “Well, that’s because you haven’t had your photo taken by Lizzy C before…”

But, was the last time you faced a professional photographer the family portrait you were forced to take as a kid or the dreaded 2 second snap from the school photographer? The truth is, most people haven’t had a professional photo taken since they were a child. They have therefore formed the belief that they don’t look good in photographs because they are looking at selfies taken on a drunken night out at the pub.

Give it time

A good professional photo takes time and no one is going to nail it in just one shot. Despite the popular belief of ” I only need one shot” Yeah, ok. But how many do we need to take to get that one shot? More than one, I assure you.

It takes time because it isn’t normal to stand around smiling for no reason. It’s not natural and not something you do in any other circumstance. Hence, when you see a photo of yourself “smiling for the camera” you don’t like it because it appears fake and disingenuous.

This is why during a portrait session. We take it slow. We laugh, we chat and we discuss all kinds of things. Anything to get your mind off “having your photo taken.”

We do this because this is when your personality shines through. This means that we capture a natural, relaxed, warm and personable photo.

You are not alone

Prior to a session, clients always point out that they like the examples on our website as the subjects look natural and relaxed. Funnily, they were just like you and were apprehensive and didn’t like having their photo taken before they came in for a session.

But we chatted, and laughed and they relaxed and the resulting photos illustrate this. It’s much more comfortable than just standing there grinning like an idiot at nothing in particular.

Natural outdoor business portrait in Melbourne

Proof is in the pudding

If you don’t believe me, here are a few testimonials of previous clients who felt just like you feel before their photo session:

Lizzy C Photography was definitely the right choice! I had lost a bit of sleep in anticipation of the shoot but Lizzy made me feel instantly relaxed. It was easy and the photos turned out great. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to get professional portraits taken. – Elise Hendriksen


Thanks for making it such a comfortable shoot for someone unphotogenic who hates being in front of a camera! Really happy with the shots you got 🙂 – Karl Thew


Liz’s approach is easy and relaxed bringing out your genuine personality. She is an experienced photographer who is passionate about her work and I would highly recommend her. – Sian De Souza

Female business portrait in Melbourne
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